Game 7: Burlington County College vs Eastern Florida State College

It was a tight matchup between ninth seed Burlington County and fifth seed Eastern Florida State as they met in a pool play matchip at Pat Hartley Field at Tyler Junior College on Tuesday afternoon.

Eastern Florida State dominated early in the game keeping the ball on its half of the field. However, it would be Burlington that scored first. In the 16th minute, Augusto Trento found his teammate Sebastian Capozucchi who headed the ball in for the goal. The game continued to get physical throughout the 25 minutes with yellow cards being issued and multiple fouls being called.

One of those fouls led to a scoring opportunity for Eastern Florida State. A foul was called on Burlington County leading to a free kick which was made by Keenan King to tie the score at one goal apiece. That would be the last goal of the half but both teams looked to continue their momentum coming out of halftime.

Eastern Florida had several scoring opportunities but was unable to make use of them including a missed free kick in the 56th minute. However, it pulled ahead later in the game. In the 73rd minute, Brandon Loafman kicked it past Burlington’s goalie to put Eastern Florida up 2-1. Loafman scored again in the 79th minute to extend Eastern Florida’s lead to two goals. Eastern Florida State held on for the win 3-1.


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