Game 11: Yavapai College vs. Eastern Florida State College

It was a close contest between Yavapai College and Eastern Florida State College at Tyler Junior College’s Pat Hartley Field on Wednesday afternoon. The two represented the fourth and fifth seeds in the national tournament.

Yavapai led off the scoring by striking in the fourth minute. Yavapai worked the ball down the field. Kayd Marquez got the ball to Yabin Cruz who kicked the ball in for the first goal of the match. Later in the half, Eastern Florida looked to even the score. In the 41st minute, a throw in was deflected by Yavapai’s goalie and landed in front of Arturo Roosen who sent the ball to the back of the net to tie the game at one goal apiece. That would be the last goal of the half but scoring heated up in the second.

The scoring began with Yavapai securing its second goal of the match in the 6th minute. A foul by Eastern Florida gave Yavapai a free kick. David Mack kicked the ball in front of the goal where it was then headed in by Lucas Lavanway to make it 2-1. Two minutes later, Yavapai added another goal. Yabin Cruz sent the ball to teammate Mason Buron in front of the net who kicked it in to score and give Yavapai a 3-1 advantage.

However, Eastern Florida battled back. In the 68th minute, Arturo Roosen scored his second goal of the match and ten minutes later, Romario Grant scored with an assist from Jordan Muir to tie the game at three goals. The score remained tied at the end of regulation and the game went straight to penalty kicks.

Yavapai outshot Eastern Florida 4-2  in penalty kicks to come away with the win.


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