Game 14: San Jacinto College-South vs. Tyler Junior College

Facing cold, wet conditions, San Jacinto College-South took on Tyler Junior College in the second semifinal match of the night to determine who would advance to face Iowa Western Community College in the national championship game.

Tyler Junior College came out of the gate pressing hard up the field with numerous shots. The first goal of the game came in the 40th minute with a header into the net by Nazeem Bartman assisted by his teammate Fernando Castellanos. That would be the last goal of the half as both teams retreated to get warm before play resumed.

Coming out of halftime, San Jacinto played hard working for the ball trying to get shots off but none found the back of the net. TJC nursed a one-goal lead until getting the second goal of the night for insurance. In the 88th minute, Nazeem Bartman was the only Apaches’ player down on the end going up against two San Jacinto players. One of the players tried to get the ball to the goalie but it went over his head in the corner of the penalty box. Bartman maneuvered to get the ball and kicked it in to score before any San Jacinto players could get there. TJC kept the 2-0 lead to close out the match and advance to the national championship.


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