Pioneer League Attendance

According to Minor League Baseball, the number of fans who attended minor league baseball games in 2014 exceeded 41 million with the third highest attendance number ever. I decided to look at the Pioneer League’s numbers to see how they stacked up this year. (Note: These numbers do not include playoff games.)

North Division:

Idaho Falls Chukars

Total attendance: 79,895

Largest crowd: July 4th at 3,584

Smallest crowd: August 20th at 574


Orem Owlz

Total attendance: 83,179

Largest crowd: July 24th at 5,875

Smallest crowd: August 17th at 921


Ogden Raptors

Total attendance: 108,504

Largest crowd: August 29th at 5,166

Smallest crowd: August 24th at 1,643


Grand Junction Rockies

Total attendance: 81,382

Largest crowd: July 4th at 6,402

Smallest crowd: August 26th at 1,525


South Division

Billings Mustangs

Total attendance: 105,358

Largest crowd: June 16th at 3,824

Smallest crowd: July 13th at 2,094


Great Falls Voyagers

Total attendance: 49,520

Largest crowd: July 4th at 2,772

Smallest crowd: September 3rd at 749


Missoula Osprey

Total attendance: 84,429

Largest crowd: July 3rd at 4,307

Smallest crowd: July 4th at 1,495


Helena Brewers

Total attendance: 30,764

Largest crowd: August 25th at 1,968

Smallest crowd: July 27th at 309


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