Fellowship Of The Diamond

What happens when you mix a sports fan with a pop culture geek? Dreams that evidently lead to creative blog posts. The other night I watched part of Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring before going to bed and I was starting to think about how Opening Day is quickly approaching. What resulted were some strange dreams about what would happen if characters from the Fellowship played baseball. Well wonder no more! (Note: I have put way too much thought into this. Feel free to disagree and move characters around.)

Today’s lineup against the Uruk-Hai from Mordor. They made the trip because One does not simply walk into Mordor.

(Courtesy: Youtube)

(Courtesy: Youtube)

The Fellowship Lineup

  1. 3B Legolas Greenleaf
  2. LF Meriadoc “Merry” Brandybuck
  3. RF Peregrin “Pippin” Took
  4. 1B Gimli
  5. C Gandalf the White
  6. SS Samwise Gamgee
  7. 2B Boromir
  8. CF Aragorn
  9. P Frodo Baggins

Manager: Elrond of Rivendell

Assistant Coach: Gollum

Officials: 1B umpire Saruman

Home plate umpire Sauron

Now to explain the reasons behind these particular position choices…Legolas is my third baseman because he is very quick with his hands which is evidenced by his skill in shooting arrows fast with deadly accuracy. He is also light on his feet, a vital skill for third basemen aiming to get to balls all over the hot corner. Third basemen have to have extremely fast reflexes paired with good eyesight to get to balls quickly as well.

(Courtesy: Tumblr)

(Courtesy: Tumblr)

Next are Merry in left field and Pippin in right field. These two tend to get paired together because their jobs are similar just in different spots on the field. It’s kind of like Return of the King where Merry fights for Rohan and Pippin fights for Minis Tirith. They represent two sides united to fight against the enemy in battle which is really what a baseball game could be seen as: a sports battle for a winning season.

In the cleanup spot is Gimli, son of Gloin aka baseball royalty as he took part in the great battle with Isildur who is related to our centerfielder Aragorn. Back to Gimli…he’s not as quick as Legolas over at third but is still solid at his position. He has comical quips with third base over who is better at their position like many infielders do. An example would be diving plays at third which could elicit this reaction…

(Courtesy: Tumblr)

(Courtesy: Tumblr)

Gandalf is behind the plate because like a catcher tries to guide his pitcher through the game, Gandalf guides Frodo with important decisions that affect the quest. He also has a game plan and seeks out the advice of others in certain situations like a catcher does when talking to a pitching coach.

Sam is the shortstop because he backs up the pitcher as much as possible and makes hard/incredible plays kind of like Sam’s decision making in the films to take the ring and carry it for Frodo. A shortstop also has an extensive range much like Sam’s emotions.

Boromir is next and he’s at second because he’s the last line of defense when it comes to plays like bunts. Most second baseman are willing to sacrifice their bodies to keep the ball in front of them on wild bunt plays and we all know Sean Bean aka Boromir is willing to do that.

(Courtesy: FunnyJunk.com)

(Courtesy: FunnyJunk.com)

Center fielders have priority over every player on the diamond when it comes to fly balls much like a king has authority over his subjects. So of course the center fielder in our scenario has to be Aragorn, son of Arathorn and Isildur’s heir. (Isildur had the winning hit in his ballgame but was soon released after being put on the ultimate DL with an arrow in his back).

Finally, Frodo is on the mound and batting last. The weight of the ring can equal the weight of a start on a pitcher’s mind. They all have an intense focus when it comes to their turn in the rotation. You can’t have a game without a pitcher because they set the action in motion just like Frodo sets our story in motion.

The Fellowship is managed by Elrond because he knows the answers to most every question he’s asked and of course, he put the Fellowship together like a manager fills out a lineup card. The pitching coach would be Gollum because let’s be honest, they are obsessed with called strikes just like Gollum is with the ring.

Umpires for today’s game include Saruman at first and Sauron behind home plate. Games can’t be played without umpires and stories can’t always be written without bad guys. Plus Sauron is always looking for the ring and the home plate umpire is always looking to call a strike.

(Courtesy: Tumblr)

(Courtesy: Tumblr)

So there you have it. The Fellowship Of The Diamond. And I don’t think any of this is too far-fetched because after all, all baseball players are truly in search of The One Ring.

(Courtesy: sfgiants.mlblogs.com)

(Courtesy: sfgiants.mlblogs.com)


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