Truth, Justice, And The American Way

I’ve written about baseball teams made up of Lord of the Rings characters and the Avengers. I think it’s only fair that I look at the Justice League as well. After all what would DC think if they saw all the Marvel love. Here is today’s lineup:

The Justice League Lineup

  1. RF The Flash
  2. CF Superman
  3. SS Martian Manhunter
  4. C Batman
  5. 1B Wonder Woman
  6. 3B Green Arrow
  7. LF Green Lantern
  8. P Hawkman
  9. 2B Aquaman

Manager: Black Canary

Assistant Coach: The Atom

Officials: 1B umpire Joker

Home plate umpire Lex Luthor

So just how did I come to these conclusions? First off, the Flash is the fastest person ever. Why wouldn’t you have him batting first? By the time he even hits the ball, he could be all the way around the bases and scoring. And he can use his freaky fast powers to catch any ball in the outfield. He could be the center fielder if Superman and the Green Lantern couldn’t fly.


(Courtesy and Big Bang Theory)

Next we have Superman. He really is the team captain that sets the lineup and as such has deemed himself worthy of centerfield. It is fitting since he can fly and he’s already a huge baseball fan so I would trust his judgement.


(Courtesy and Man Of Steel)

Batting third and playing shortstop is the Martian Manhunter. He’s not the fastest guy around but he’s a shapeshifter and  can stretch his limbs which makes him the ideal shortstop. He’s also telepathic and can sense when runners are going to steal bases.

In the cleanup spot is Batman. There’s not much to say about his spot in the order but he is also catching because of his ability to trash talk with the best of them. Just don’t tell him that he smells because he’s a little sensitive about that.


(Courtesy and

Next is the first baseman or basewoman I should say because it’s Wonder Woman. She’s tall and strong and can catch pretty much whatever you throw at her. If a ball does happen to look like it’s going to get away from her, she can use her lasso of truth to stop it. And who knows? Maybe they train the Amazons in baseball in addition to the acrobatics and weapons training.



In the next two spots are the Green Team. Batting sixth and playing third base is the Green Arrow followed by the Green Lantern who is in left field. The Green Arrow has a strong arm due to shooting all of those arrows so no problem for him. The Green Lantern can fly and can move things with his mind. He has to be careful though because sometimes that could conflict with teammate Martian Manhunter.

Batting eighth is the pitcher, Hawkman. He has enhanced strength to the point where his pitches would be thrown extremely hard. He can also heal himself quickly which would allow him to pitch full games and on back-to-back days. In one issue, he almost severs his arm off but it heals completely back to normal.

Why is Aquaman playing second base and batting last? He’s not the best on land but he tries really hard.



The first base coach is The Atom because he can shrink himself and others. Can you imagine how helpful that would be when stealing bases? No one would see them coming. Black Canary is the third base coach. She has a canary cry which could render opponents defenseless but she prefers not using it if she can just be a regular coach.

The umpires are pretty self explanatory. Lex Luthor is relatively calm and judgmental while the Joker would race around the field to make calls and probably try to distract the players in the process. As we all know, he tends to stir up chaos in any way he can.



That’s just my take on the Justice League playing baseball. Maybe we’ll see it in the upcoming Justice League movie or maybe it’ll just stay on the small screen?


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