Avengers Assemble

So the other day I came across the Lord of the Rings post that I wrote comparing characters to baseball players and speculating on what positions the Fellowship would play. I was thinking about a new blog post idea whenever the Avengers popped into my head. Could Earth’s mightiest heroes make an awesome baseball team?  Possibly.

Today’s lineup against Hydra who has bewitched the audience to do the wave.

The Avengers Lineup

  1. SS Quicksilver
  2. 2B Black Widow
  3. 3B Hawkeye
  4. CF Iron Man
  5. 1B Bruce Banner/The Incredible Hulk
  6. LF Captain America
  7. RF Falcon
  8. P Scarlet Witch
  9. C Thor

Manager: Nick Fury

Assistant Coach: Maria Hill

Officials: 1B umpire Loki

Home plate umpire Thanos

Now for the reasoning behind these decisions. First of all, I don’t think there is any arguing that Quicksilver is perhaps the fastest member of the team even if he was only part of it for a short time. But he could just bunt to get aboard and round the bases to score almost every time. He could expand that skill set to shortstop with any ball hit towards him or up the middle being considered an out.


(Courtesy: nerdist.com)

Next is Black Widow at second base and Hawkeye at third base. They both have quick hands at their respective positions and work well together to turn many double plays just like they work together in the Battle Of New York. They remember every place the team has played even if the others forget.


(Courtesy: learnable.com)

In the fourth spot is Iron Man who is playing centerfield. Of course, Tony Stark would want to basically be in charge of the whole field and run things. Iron Man also has the unique advantage of using his suit to be able to fly to catch balls even if Steve Rogers protests his cheating. He also tries to enlist the help of JARVIS when batting to find the perfect pitches to swing at.

Then we have Bruce Banner at first base. He would be decent as his position and be great at trash talking the runners but the first instant he misses a play or someone talks back to him, he would turn into The Incredible Hulk. That wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing because the Hulk is so big that he wouldn’t be able to really miss any balls hit or thrown at him. Plus he wouldn’t have to say anything to intimidate any runners and discourage them from stealing bases. He doesn’t take crap from anyone including his own teammates.


(Courtesy: giphy.com)

Fighting for truth, justice, and the American game in the sixth spot is Captain America followed by Falcon. The two friends are mirror images of each other using their speed and agility to catch fly balls in the outfield. But of course, Falcon is in right field because Steve Rogers is always on his left.


(Courtesy: giphy.com)

On the mound is Scarlet Witch. Have you seen her magic and how forceful it was in Age of Ultron? Could you imagine that same kind of power heading towards home plate? I feel sorry for whoever is standing in the batter’s box.

To round out the lineup is Thor who is catching and let’s be honest, his loud mouth will be a great distraction to batters. He could use magical quips like you swing thine Mjolnir like thy mother or in all the realms, I haven’t seen a puny human such as you wield such offensive power.

The team is managed by Nick Fury and the assistant coach is Maria Hill. They are both good at managing so many personalities to work together towards a common goal like winning a game.

Umpires for today’s game include home plate umpire Thanos who is the biggest and baddest person is all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, at least that we know of, and Loki at first base. He can also multiply himself to be the second and third base umpires if needed as well. While Loki could cause chaos on the field, I’m pretty sure the Incredible Hulk would keep him in check.


(Courtesy: giphy.com)

So there you have it, the ultimate Avengers baseball lineup. They might have already played some games in the comics but maybe one day, it will make it to the big screen. After all, what could be better than Earth’s mightiest heroes taking on America’s pastime?


Round Rock vs Nashville 5/1/2016

Here are some photos from today’s game:


Third baseman Patrick Kivlehan with Little Leaguers before the game


Shortstop Doug Bernier and second baseman Drew Robinson with Little Leaguers during pre-game


Round Rock starter Anthony Ranaudo




First baseman Ike Davis and Chad Pinder


Just hanging out


Doug Bernier and Patrick Kivlehan


Shortstop Chad Pinder


Right fielder James Jones


Jurickson Profar


Jared Hoying


Jake Smolinski


Andrew Lambo



Zach Neal


Patrick Kivlehan


Bruce Maxwell




See James Jones bunt…


Catcher Michael McKenry


Michael McKenry and Max Muncy



Things I love: sassy umpires


Drew Robinson


Jared Hoying


Patrick Kivlehan

Round Rock Splits With Nashville

On a comfortable Sunday afternoon, a crowd of over 9,000 came to the Dell Diamond to watch Round Rock (12-10) complete its four-game series against Nashville (11-12). The Express dropped the game 3-0 to split the series with both teams coming away with two wins each. Round Rock next travels to Colorado Springs for a four-game set against the SkySox before returning home for an eight-game homestand.

Zach Neal (3-1) came away with the win for Nashville pitching for 7.1 innings allowing five hits while striking out one. Anthony Renaldo (1-1) was tagged with the loss pitching for four innings allowing two hits and two runs while walking one and striking out five.

It was a slow start for both sides but Nashville was able to take advantage of Round Rock errors in the fourth. With one out, Renato Nunez singled followed by a fielding error from Drew Robinson which allowed former Rangers’ farmhand Jake Smolinski to reach first safely. Renaldo then walked Matt Olson to load the bases. Andrew Lambo then stepped into the box and singled to right field to bring in two runs. Round Round then got at third before a ground out ended the inning.

It was once again Lambo who got things started in the ninth with a double to right before a ground out moved him to third. Bruce Maxwell then doubled to center to bring in Lambo for the final run of the game.

Ballpark Notes: It was Bark In The Park day and there were some unique pre-game events including weiner dog racing. I had heard of it for the first time when I was looking at hotels for this trip but didn’t expect to see any at the ballpark. After witnessing five heats of stiff competition, I must say it was hilarious and more ballparks should do it. That was followed up by a performance from the Flying Disc Dogs Of Austin with various dogs racing through the outfield to catch frisbees and do flips and tricks.

Then I think I have discovered two of my new favorite things: the Emoji Cam and the Simba Cam. With the Emoji Cam, fans are encouraged to make the same faces that you can text and tweet from your phone. The Simba Cam is hilarious and baffling at the same time. Like PR guru Jill Cacic tweeted, I too am amazed at the amount of people willing to hold their children in the air like Simba. It was one of the funniest things I’ve seen at a ballpark. Slow claps to everyone involved with those cams…..